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About my Art Gallery & Art Classes in Henderson & Las Vegas, NV
The atelier was running in Westlake Village, CA up to November, 2014.
From December 2014, I offer online lessons to my students in Henderson and Las Vegas, NV via Skype and Teamviewer, by appointment only.

In the early part of my life, my parents signed me up for courses with art instructors that later became famous great artists as Walt Disney and Norman Rockwell. After getting my degree in Fine Arts, I went for special studies and training in Paris, Rome, Brazil and even took some art lessons in Hong Kong.

Julinya Vidigal De VinceThe techniques of pen-and-ink, pastels, watercolors paintings or aquarelle, gouache, as well as Sumi-E, became the best for vignettes and plein-air paintings. As my art career developed I became a colorist, doing more acrylic and oil painting. I even apprenticed the art of making paper, painting restorations, and studied chemical reactions of mediums and pigments to the canvas and other supports. I became a connoisseur in fine art, even more by visiting museums over and over around the world. To be a good artist you don’t need all this, but it makes a better art teacher.

Art Classes For many years I directed a school of Fine Art. I participated in the instruction of many art studios where I taught thousands of students from raw beginners to professionals who wanted to learn art or perfect their art skills. I now give art lessons to beginners starting with drawing classes, gradually moving them to painting classes. I also have a group of advanced artists that come weekly.

Art Classes These classes are in the privacy of my atelier and I keep only a limited number who are serious and passionate painters. Some of the students, who attend my art classes, came from areas like Malibu, Calabasas, and Pacific Palisades. But most were local from Westlake Village, Agoura, Oak Park and Thousand Oaks (till November 2014 when my atelier was running in Westlake Village, CA). Now, being in Las Vegas, I will continue to teach my new students in this area (by appointment only).

My interest is for them to learn art techniques
of the great masters but still keep their personal
art style, so they are unique in their Modus
Operandi. Art Classes
I believe some people have talent in different areas but everyone needs correct art skills. Successful artists like Da Vinci who was commissioned by the most important art patron of all times “Il Magnifico”, Lorenzo de Medici, or Baroque artists like Rembrandt with his series of portraits would agree. What about the Impressionists like Renoir, and Van Gogh; Surrealists like Dali; or even Expressionists like Chagall, Munch and Picasso?

Art Classes Even Beethoven and our Gustavo Dudamel all would insist on learning the classic basics and classic theories in their curriculum of art course. I continue to pursue my commitment to learn new painting skills and artistic methods every day. I take pride in sharing my art education and aesthetic appreciations to art enthusiasts who are interested in learning art. Many of my past students have gone on to pursue their careers enriched with the best artistic knowledge. Some have become successful professional artists and several have been admitted into some of the most prestigious art universities in the world. I like to think that I helped motivate their passions and knowledge for art.

If you are interested to attend my art classes, please contact me by phone (1 805 777721) or fill out this e-mail form.

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